Purge and Burn.

Destroying work via the flame can be incredibly cathartic. I have to admit, when I first considered destroying my work was a sour grapes kinda thing. Feeling all sorry for myself. So much Work.. so little interest… not thinking the work is valued in any way except for in my own head.. and I am starting to drown in it. SET IT ON FIRE!!!  But, as fate would have it.. the act of burning the work, created the seeds of yet another creative act – another group of work . yet another conceptual dilemma. The burnt carcasses of the work, the BONES and my friend Laura defined them ARE GORGEOUS and RESONANT!

The most amazing part of this act, is the release of creative energy. the creative energy that is bound in this work, is STUCK… STUCK!  and it continues to suck our attention and energy.   The photos in this post show my last Civilian Art sign (my oild t-shirt business) cut into individual letters, tossed into the blaze one at a time.

The joy in watching these burn was massive. Massive joy – creative energy released to go wherever it needs to go. To land wherever it can, finding someone searching for it… it will find them. xoxoxoxoxo








5 thoughts on “Purge and Burn.

  1. I have repurposed one of your prints from a linen shirt which became worn onto a denim shirt with embroidery….could not bring myself to destroy the art, there was still a message.


    1. WONDERFUL! Not everything gets burnt… thank goodness. Thanks Susan for rescuing it.


  2. I have been tempted to throw my 20 volumes of journals into the flames. I never read them, and don’t think I ever want anyone else to read them. There’s energy in there from a large part of my aware life. Maybe it’s time for a change…..


    1. Liz Gilbert says that anything you might need to write a memoir lives inside you already.. if that helps you make that decision. I would love to ready you memoir!


      1. I’d love to read it too. Unlike Keith Richards, I hardly remember any of it.

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