Blood, Brain, Bone and Breath

“Blood, Brain Bone & Breath – Do Not Behave” by Val Sivilli

2016/9 • 9 x 12″ • acrylic/canvas/paper/gouache/sewn&handbound

Blood, Brain, Bone and Breath

This is a one of a kind book hand bound by Val Sivilli. It contains a series of paintings with corresponding text. It is 9″ x 12″ and 1″ thick. It is acrylic on canvas, with text pages mounted onto the canvas. Each page is sewn. The book is chain stitched with Waxed Linen.


“Blood Brain Bone and Breath  –  do not behave”.  By Val Sivilli – THE PROSE

Nature Pretends.

Starting Itself up

Then Down.

A silly yet SOLITARY Conundrum.

Diverting Attention.

Relentless perpetuity.

Tricking the mind to genuflect to FEAR.

Emotions, Memory inside a decomposing container.

Unwelcome distracting diversions

That serve one master.




The salacious details of its ORIGIN.

Blood, Brain, BOINE and BREATH. 

Do not behave.


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