My work is not so much a world of ideas as it is about the unknowable, experiential, emotional, temporal and the discoverable with a focus on the personal and a nod toward the political. All of my work relies heavily on the formal issues of color relationships, composition and the inference of meaning through a symbol system sitting beneath the visible subject. Having spent the totality of my formative years sitting at the piano reading and playing the music of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin, the piano was my universe. The act of playing the piano, of reading music remains strong and clear. It is visceral, real and pure. The energy of my work is fed by the non-verbal act of reading and interpreting the symbolic language of musical scores. These symbols are a sacred language of encoded emotion and angst. Everything I do now, every painting I paint, every print I make, every song I write or sing or cake I bake or story I pen or dinner I cook is filtered through this lens – through the lens of all that emotion, all of that angst. The arc of a classical piece is the arc of sexuality, the arc of human life, the stuff that great Art is made of. This is a lofty goal, but one I hope one day to achieve.

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