artist statement • working class

Representations of hand tools in the visual arts elevate both the hand and the tool, the human and the work, cementing the working class into the symbolic language of metaphor. Tools are used by the working class. A tool itself is used by a human being. Tools evoke physical work. A tool is held by a person’s hand. Using it correctly requires knowledge of the use of that tool and a reason to use that tool. A firm command of the physical world is necessary to successfully use any hand tool. For millennia, the physical body’s survival on this planet has depended upon a command of hand tools to build shelter, hunt prey, farm land, bury the dead, cook food, etc. As society shifts to virtual environments, the physical body’s ability to manipulate hand tools for survival has been dangerously diminished. We are devolving into a society of behemoths expert in manipulating the distribution of wealth away from the working class. As this process continues, the human body disengages as the engine of civilization.

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