Virtual Classes

These Courses are taught to the specific needs of each individual student.
Each will earn the art student 3 credits toward an Undergraduate Degree. Auditors and adult students are welcome.

COLOR THEORY – 20841 – ARTS 132 – 98V

Portions of my classes are taught remotely and synchronously.
All content is recorded and available for non-synchronous engagement, as well. 
Demos, email convos and critiques will occur weekly.
Remote presentations are live for you to participate synchronously.
All aspects of the course is recorded for asynchronous participation, as well.

Hi Professor,
I was curious is there a course evaluation for the Summer I Drawing 1?
All things consider, I think the Drawing 1 class was done exceptionally well.I believe many of your peers could learn from you in regards to executing an art class online. I would love to give my kind regards to the Art Department.
I was enrolled in Valerie Sivilli’s Basic Drawing I class during the Summer I session and I wanted to email and say what a fantastic class it was. I am a returning student to earn some extra credits toward my bachelors degree and this was the best online class I have ever taken. Val’s engagement with the class and use of technology played to all the advantages of the online platform and made the experience truly enjoyable. The videos she posted doing the assignments mimicked what she would do in front of a traditional class and the videos of herself lecturing imposed over the powerpoints were fantastic. The material was easily digestible and thorough. She graded everything very quickly and gave good feedback. 
It was a pleasure to take this class. Please feel free to share my email with Val. Take care. 
I was a student in Professor Sivilli’s Summer 1 Drawing I course this past semester. As it looks like the courses will continue to be offered online I would like to let you know about my experience. 
Although the coursework was challenging, I found it easy to succeed in this class. Professor Sivilli organized all of our assignments and lectures on canvas and made all of the recorded zoom sessions accessible to everyone regardless if they were able to join or not. She created youtube videos that clearly explained the projects. I personally found it very helpful that she took the time to create videos of her drawing as well. I always felt like I was given all of the tools to succeed in her class.
I learned a lot in this class and actually seemed to thrive in the online format with Professor Sivilli’s approach. 
Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience!
I am writing to provide some feedback about the Drawing 1 online class experience with Professor Sivilli. I have taken three online classes so far (one of them became online midway through the semester due to covid). The first provided minimal online instruction, but did the homework, quizzes etc online. Another one was synchronous online, with lectures that everyone joins in real time. The third one was Drawing 1. Of all of these three, I think Prof Sivilli’s class hit the sweet spot in terms of balance. It had very well organized self-contained units that were easy to follow, because detailed instructions were provided both in text and via video-lectures. Also, they were nicely laid out in canvas so that every step and progression was clear. In addition, we had zoom meetings for critiques, which were super useful, both in terms of feedback from the professor and for seeing other classmates work. We had graded online discussion forums where all the students had a chance to offer critique to other students. The whole experience was very close to in person teaching experience in terms of having every component covered in one way or another. (One may think that synchronous online is the best option, but I disagree. Due to the limitations of the conferencing systems, and to the student’s being somewhat withdrawn — texting generation! — one does not get the same type of interaction as in the classroom. For example, it is really hard to have a meaningful discussion in the online synchronous class.) All in all, I really enjoyed Drawing 1, and I think it provides the best model for online classes based on my experience with the three classes I described.
Thank you! KR
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