My mother is the only person to ever give me a diamond. Yet, even she kept taking it back. Once I put all the pieces of this story together it became a possibility to me that this praying mantis, this “Symbol of God”, this “Divine Messenger” could be my mother and she could very well want her necklace back. The praying mantis is a…

A Righteous Old White Lady

“Nevermind if you think an angry black man is scary …  try dealing with an old white lady when her food order gets screwed up – now that’s scary.” Incorrectly recalled quote posted via Instagram, tagged to me, her mother, by my 25 year old daughter currently living and working in Philadelphia. When I get angry I am certain that it is justified. I…

“I am the Beast” just the text

I am the Wildest Boar. Or could it be that I am the wildest bore? I’m not sure sometimes but it probably doesn’t matter, at least not to me. It is not necessary to get philosophical about it or to even define the possibility of my existence. I am aware that I am inside of here, so then, if all things real and unreal…

Regret be dammed

Those moments these pondering of wishing Of wishing that it were different Be damned Those mind games of peeling apart the words that come out of my mouth Be damned Those self flaggelative mind fucks that feed the beast Be damned, be gone. Walk Walk

Chapter 3 ?

So these feelings that pop up, they just seem to come from nowhere. Although that could not be possible. Can’t come from nowhere. Gotta come from somewhere. I’m wondering if my friend, my animal, my inner beast, my boar/bore, boor…. Bohar…. Has friends or family that live in other people, other humans. I’m mean, it could happen. Weirder things have happened in this world….

Val Sivilli
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