Opening and closing the doors and windows a bit slower.

Part of being in another place is listening to the local public radio. Pure joy really. Except when you find yourself listening to Ravel’s Bolero. I just couldn’t help felling really sorry for the drum section. So repetitive. A bit of torture. But it’s the only station that comes in clearly, so I’ve been committedContinue reading “Opening and closing the doors and windows a bit slower.”

Making friends with the Moon.

Sleeping has not been coming easy since I left New Jersey. I’m used to a full uninterrupted 7 hours and that’s just not happening. It’s like I’m In a Twilight kinda resting thing. I finally put some heavier curtains over the windows since the moon is so bright. A local woman told me to “makeContinue reading “Making friends with the Moon.”

Crow mind.

Just as the full gravity of Abraham Verghese’s character Shiva, finds his life’s path in Cutting for Stone, and tears are streaming down my face and as I’m cutting stencils to change directions on the paintings that I have begun, I think of my good friend Fred, who loaned me the audio book. I thoughtContinue reading “Crow mind.”

Night # 1 The Shaman at the Verizon Store

It’s a strange inexplicable fear that has come over me because my little cell phone has become non functional and it seems that whatever I or verizon does has no power to fix it so that the checking calling checking answering looking clicking touching caressing the thing is not a part of my day minuteContinue reading “Night # 1 The Shaman at the Verizon Store”