“I am the Beast” just the text

I am the Wildest Boar. Or could it be that I am the wildest bore? I’m not sure sometimes but it probably doesn’t matter, at least not to me. It is not necessary to get philosophical about it or to even define the possibility of my existence. I am aware that I am inside ofContinue reading ““I am the Beast” just the text”

Praying to Saint Agnes

Yes, yes, I did that.  Because, well, shit, i was able to get some success with only tiny little paintings  – smaller studies –  to get all ready for the bigger paintings, well, I’ll tell ya, they got over controlled and just looked kinda dead and I got so frustrated……… So I went to the HarwoodContinue reading “Praying to Saint Agnes”

Naming the Beast

Placed within academia, me, a common Long Island girl, a “normal” girl, as my first Lesbian, separatist art school roommate called me, I was tossed into the higher educational system without much preparation.. Without warning. ACADEMIA! This  “normal” girl had a very high regard for her “animal” self – her instinctual self. The person thatContinue reading “Naming the Beast”

Opening and closing the doors and windows a bit slower.

Part of being in another place is listening to the local public radio. Pure joy really. Except when you find yourself listening to Ravel’s Bolero. I just couldn’t help felling really sorry for the drum section. So repetitive. A bit of torture. But it’s the only station that comes in clearly, so I’ve been committedContinue reading “Opening and closing the doors and windows a bit slower.”