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“I Got Tools”

From the Bumble Bee series. This painting is 18 x 16". Oil on Canvas. Painted in the summer of 2019. to view a larger version of this painting go to:


“Team Work”

From the Bumble Bee Series. This painting is 16" x 18", oil paint on canvas. It was painting in the summer 0f 2019. To view a larger version of this painting, go to:



From the Bumble Bee Series. 20 x 32", oil on hand stretched canvas, 2019, Origional Painting by Val Sivilli : to view a larger image, go to: .


“The Tribe”

From the Bumble Bee Series 29 x 32" , oil on hand stretched canvas, 2019, Original painting by Val Sivilli :


“Miss Logan Street”

This is the story of Miss Logan Street. It is a one of a kind item. This is a true story as remembered by Val Sivilli. It has been recreated here in the form of Acrylic Paintings on canvas mounted to the story printed onto Paper and hand bound into this glorious version of the book and you can own it! to view video: to see the inside of the Book:


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