ANNOUNCING A NEWLY FORMED ARTIST COLLECTIVE FOR 2022 This blog post is a temporary landing page for our working dedicated website: From 1996 to 1998, a small cooperative gallery comprised of 12 not so local artists held exhibitions, auctions, poetry events and happenings at a small gallery space in the center of Frenchtown, NJ.Continue reading “STEAMROLLER GROUP”

Val Sivilli LIVE on The Large Glass

YOUTUBE • TWITCH • FACEBOOK Tuesday, April 26th, 8:00pm Eastern Time. Get a sneak peak to the new work that is vexing me at the moment. I could really use some feedback!


My mother is the only person to ever give me a diamond. Yet, even she kept taking it back. Once I put all the pieces of this story together it became a possibility to me that this praying mantis, this “Symbol of God”, this “Divine Messenger” could be my mother and she could very wellContinue reading “THE NECKLACE”

Rescue the Princess

This morning I wondered, can a Pisces can actually put out a Leo’s Fire? I wondered this because a close and very dear acquaintance once told me that I should not be with a Pisces because water puts out fire. This statement has sat at the back of my head since she informed me ofContinue reading “Rescue the Princess”

May 1 – THAT

My Studio is OPEN. 11-5pm Saturday only. Send an email for an appointment. My CONTACT info is HERE Send a HEADS UP text before you walk up my staircase. WEAR A MASK !!! FRIDAY evening I will be interviewed live at HAM via by “The Large Glass”

Late night melancholy

Tonight is somewhat like that fateful night so many years ago when I realized that borrowing from Peter to pay Paul had run its course. Terrifying moment. When it comes – to make yet another biblical reference – it was a ‘Come to Jesus’ kinda moment. I am having another ‘Come to Jesus’ moment rightContinue reading “Late night melancholy”

Psych 101

Source: “Festinger’s (1957) cognitive dissonance theory suggests that we have an inner drive to hold all our attitudes and behavior in harmony and avoid disharmony (or dissonance). This is known as the principle of cognitive consistency. When there is an inconsistency between attitudes or behaviors (dissonance), something must change to eliminate the dissonance.” PracticallyContinue reading “Psych 101”

Getting a little bit better at this…

I bought a new microphone, a video light circle, getting jiggy with iMovie and I’ve been learning how to read with a little bit more emotion – sort of like singing. ! I think its getting a little bit better – thanks to a little bit to some friends….


Thinking about buying one? Click here. I am painting Bumble Bees because Barry and I have been living with a tribe, a nest, a colony of Bumble Bees this past summer. They have taken to living beneath the thresh-hold of our back door. I have written a short story. I hope you like it. BarryContinue reading “BUMBLES and BEES”

Miss Logan Street

A True Story written by Val Sivilli   narration, crown, sash and all of the notions : Chris Mundy banner and music : Val Sivilli VIEW ALL OF THE CRANKIES from ARTYARD’s FABULOUS EVENING!

A Righteous Old White Lady

“Nevermind if you think an angry black man is scary …  try dealing with an old white lady when her food order gets screwed up – now that’s scary.” Incorrectly recalled quote posted via Instagram, tagged to me, her mother, by my 25 year old daughter currently living and working in Philadelphia. When I getContinue reading “A Righteous Old White Lady”

Exhibiting at RVCC

Heejung Kim & Val Sivilli: Recent Work February 16 – March 16 Artists’ Talk: Fri., February 16th; 5:00-6:00 p.m. Reception: Fri., February 16th; 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Purge and Burn.

Destroying work via the flame can be incredibly cathartic. I have to admit, when I first considered destroying my work was a sour grapes kinda thing. Feeling all sorry for myself. So much Work.. so little interest… not thinking the work is valued in any way except for in my own head.. and I amContinue reading “Purge and Burn.”

“Phoenix Nest” Burn it #5

It seems that 47 year old women tend to be metaphysically obsessed with the Phoenix. I am no different. I was intrigued with the entire thing – the egg, the nest, the burning nest, the consumption by flames, the rebirth. Lot of Phoenix images came out of me that year around 2007. This particular paintingContinue reading ““Phoenix Nest” Burn it #5″

VISITING ARTIST Val Sivilli shares insights at Del Val High School

Written by Rick Epstein Holland Township painter Val Sivilli and her inner beast were featured at this month’s installment of the Second Breakfast Visiting Artist Series on Friday. The series is held monthly in Sarah Ruppert’s art room during lunchtime, and students and staff are invited to attend. Lunch is BYO, but so far coffee and doughnutContinue reading “VISITING ARTIST Val Sivilli shares insights at Del Val High School”

Hunterdon FERN

This past weekend, on the Friday night before Christmas, a group of very energetic and bold wonderful artists put together a pop up exhibition at the Prallsville Mills in Stockton, NJ. It was filled with artists from the county and beyond. Just bring your work! A wonderful night, wonderful energy. Barry purchased this little pieceContinue reading “Hunterdon FERN”


Camouflaged Intention. 

They are murdering Canadian Geese. It happens every fall. Every October. With their tiny little brains beneath their Cabela’s camouflage hats that say “Make America Great Again” they hide like cowards in a camouflage boat under a camouflage tarp and aim their rifles at unsuspecting geese as the sun struggles to make it through theContinue reading “Camouflaged Intention. “

First Friday in Kensington

link to val’s gallery on shopify This Friday from 6-9,  Austin Henry Peer and Schuyler Burkeand Val Sivilli (me!) are showing our paintings at the Gryphon Cafe at 100 W. Oxford Street in Philadelphia. I’m not sure how long this show stays up,  but the show will be fully hung for Friday, Sept 2nd !  Come see thisContinue reading “First Friday in Kensington”


We are in an American Sideshow Spectacular.   BUY THIS PAINTING ! This is one of the Trigger Paintings.  “TRIGGER & GREEN APPLE” They are still wet, but will dry soon.  

American Sideshow Spectacular

An American Sideshow Spectacular: A few new works… in the works… a little tease….. Artist statement:   Val Sivilli These pieces begin with a Pentel RSVP pen sketch from my personal daily drawing journal.  They are sketched from life. They are the visual observations of the details of my home. I draw while I amContinue reading “American Sideshow Spectacular”

Fig Tree Poem Book

The Fig Tree on 9th & Christian was just acquired by the Lafayette Library Special Collection!  YAY!    There are 3 original versions of this book.  Only 2 left!

Muscle men and women

  “Hey Skinny, Your Ribs Are Showing”: Charles Atlas and American Masculinity

The Scissors

Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn hardware store, scissors, seamstress, sewing, Brooklyn memories

Living with Barry

LINK to LIVING WITH BARRY – BLOG So, I live with this guy. His name is Barry. He speaks his mind. Most of the time, he is totally entertaining, loving, generous, interesting, passionate .. all those good things a woman wants. Just sometimes, he makes me a little bit insane. Now that I have assignedContinue reading “Living with Barry”

wildness, in pieces, like a puzzle, kind of… OR Aretha and the Pope.

This wildness, this beast. These organized methods by which we investigate its secrets. They are like parts, pieces, kinda randomly referred to whenever it seems appropriate to refer to these parts. We look at this wildness. Then we create order. Order form the wildness. Order ABOUT the wildness. Just this idea of language trying toContinue reading “wildness, in pieces, like a puzzle, kind of… OR Aretha and the Pope.”

On second thought….

A sweet time was had by me and I hope by at least a few others at the artist reception that the SFA gallery hosted this past saturday evening for my painting show “Unpacking the Wild Beast.” I was corralled by a crazy italian man from long island, complimented by the most amazing and productiveContinue reading “On second thought….”


For Immediate Release: May 29th, 2015 John Schmidtberger Schmidtberger Fine Art Gallery 10 Bridge Street, Suite 7, Frenchtown, NJ 08825 908.268.1700 “UNPACKING THE WILD BEAST” OPENS IN FRENCHTOWN, NJ. Schmidtberger Fine Art Gallery in Frenchtown, NJ is pleased to announce the debut exhibit of local artist Val Sivilli “Unpacking The Wild Beast”. This showContinue reading ““UNPACKING THE WILD BEAST” OPENS IN FRENCHTOWN, NJ.”

The Dreaded Artist Statement

The inside and the outside of the body, the inside and the outside of the mind –  a family, a neighborhood, a political system, and system of ideas – DNA. all of this and more. My work mines the connections, the frustrations, the definitions. Life redefines itself yet we always come back to who we are. WhoContinue reading “The Dreaded Artist Statement”

Praying to Saint Agnes

Yes, yes, I did that.  Because, well, shit, i was able to get some success with only tiny little paintings  – smaller studies –  to get all ready for the bigger paintings, well, I’ll tell ya, they got over controlled and just looked kinda dead and I got so frustrated……… So I went to the HarwoodContinue reading “Praying to Saint Agnes”

Off With Your Head!

They are cutting off the heads of people. Cutting off the heads of people and filming these people cutting off the heads of other people. They are feeling as if they need to cut off the heads of people and feeling as if they need to film the cutting off of the heads of people.Continue reading “Off With Your Head!”


Resume the placing of the mark on the field and the race began once again. It was the middle of the night and she wanted to go out for a walk but the moon would not cooperate. Everything that was visible is now unseen, unknown and full of the fear that night can sometimes bring.Continue reading “Morning”

Naming the Beast

Placed within academia, me, a common Long Island girl, a “normal” girl, as my first Lesbian, separatist art school roommate called me, I was tossed into the higher educational system without much preparation.. Without warning. ACADEMIA! This  “normal” girl had a very high regard for her “animal” self – her instinctual self. The person thatContinue reading “Naming the Beast”


For the first time in over 2 weeks, I had a REAL nights sleep, FINALLY. I’ve been beyond tired. When I was 19 years old, I was determined to quit art school and move up to Woodstock, NY and become a potter. So, knowing nothing about how to actually do that, I drove up toContinue reading “UNLEARNING”


DNA .. Bloodlines … Ancestry … Naples .. Bari … When I went to Italy, I stood outside of a the Hotel Luna in Amalfi. I have been told that the Barbaro’s, my mothers family on my grandfathers side, owned and operated that Hotel. I walked inside. I was fully prepared to introduce myself. IContinue reading “DNA”


Ha! Well yeah, this is where I’m going I guess. The obvious reference from the statue of Romulus and Remus suckling from the she-wolf. Not sure how much explanation this really needs if you read The Wild Bore, Chapter 1 I’ve successfully liberated myself from illustrating the story with paintings. Whew! FYI

Making friends with the Moon.

Sleeping has not been coming easy since I left New Jersey. I’m used to a full uninterrupted 7 hours and that’s just not happening. It’s like I’m In a Twilight kinda resting thing. I finally put some heavier curtains over the windows since the moon is so bright. A local woman told me to “makeContinue reading “Making friends with the Moon.”

Crow mind.

Just as the full gravity of Abraham Verghese’s character Shiva, finds his life’s path in Cutting for Stone, and tears are streaming down my face and as I’m cutting stencils to change directions on the paintings that I have begun, I think of my good friend Fred, who loaned me the audio book. I thoughtContinue reading “Crow mind.”

Regret be dammed

Those moments these pondering of wishing Of wishing that it were different Be damned Those mind games of peeling apart the words that come out of my mouth Be damned Those self flaggelative mind fucks that feed the beast Be damned, be gone. Walk Walk

Chapter 3 ?

So these feelings that pop up, they just seem to come from nowhere. Although that could not be possible. Can’t come from nowhere. Gotta come from somewhere. I’m wondering if my friend, my animal, my inner beast, my boar/bore, boor…. Bohar…. Has friends or family that live in other people, other humans. I’m mean, itContinue reading “Chapter 3 ?”


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