Rescue the Princess


This morning I wondered, can a Pisces can actually put out a Leo’s Fire? I wondered this because a close and very dear acquaintance once told me that I should not be with a Pisces because water puts out fire. This statement has sat at the back of my head since she informed me of this astrological factoid. I wondered if I am just now old – 62 in 2 weeks – which is why my fire feels more smoldering slow burning embers that occasionally catch some oxygen and reignite – or if my Leo fire has successfully been extinguished by my resident Pisces.

That’s when I recalled Zelda. I thought that maybe I finally just needed to rescue Zelda.

At the beginning of April of 1991, when I was 8 months pregnant with my son, Jack, I decided that the only meaningful activity I would engage in for that month, other than eating Entenman’s Chocolate Covered Doughnuts whenever I felt like it, was to rescue the Princess Zelda. I was bound and determined that this act would be the defining conclusion of my pregnancy.

The defining moment of any pregnancy should just simply BE the pregnancy, or rather the birth. But as my therapist told me during my regret filled divorce sessions , “Stop ‘SHOULDING’ all over yourself!”

I am of the 80’s generation. I transitioned from pinball tournaments at Nathans game room in Oceanside to a Nintendo home console. Both Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of Zelda were the games I enjoyed playing.

I never did rescue Zelda. My water broke 3 weeks before I could actually rescue that princess. For the past 30 years, I have regretted not rescuing Zelda.

so…I think it’s time to rescue Zelda.

I will need help, though. I am not even sure how to begin to rescue Zelda. I don’t even know if Zelda requires rescuing any longer. In 1990, I played Zelda and Mario with the original Nintendo. I don’t even think these exist anymore, nor would they help me to become a gamer. Part of this decision is that I would like to enter the gaming world. I want to have more fun, reignite that fire! I want to connect with younger artists, I want to become immersed in their universe. I want to know their language from the inside, as a player.

Mostly, I just want to FINALLY rescue that damn princess.

Any Suggestions? How should I begin to do this?

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2 thoughts on “Rescue the Princess

  1. Ha! I have tossed the idea of becoming a gamer in my cranial vault for years. After becoming disabled, it has often been a challenge finding things with which to mindlessly amuse myself (besides the obvious…) but knowing me and my OCD-style brain, I worry that I’d start some game and never do anything else. So do keep in touch Val, and us know how your quest progresses so I can live vicariously. Unless you were talking about rescuing a figurative Princess, which is a whole ‘nother deeper and more complicated kettle of fish, and in which case I can be of no help.


    1. So the question is… is Zelda a real princess or simply a metaphorical princess…. As I scratch my chinny chin chin..


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