Representation can mean so many things. When one is represented, one is validated. It is so awkward to represent yourself without the energy of the ego. The ego gives us some positive things. Mostly these things are related to survival and grit. Yet, the energy of the ego seems to hold the most power when it is backed by money and influence. The ego can also be a shameful thing to expose. An uncomfortable thing to drive your day. When one is neither rich nor influential, representation can assist. Yet we live in a world where the ego drives everything. If your ego is strong, then you have the grit to make your work happen. You can create an expansive life. You can follow a path that is correct, ethical, loving and good for those around you and those that you love. Maybe, too, it is good for the planet.

I am representing myself through this website, through instagram, through all the ways that artists are supposed to represent themselves. I am trying to sell my work, show it and I continue to make it. But, I would prefer that someone else, other than myself, represent my work in the world of business. Call me old fashioned, call me a dinosaur. I really want to be represented, validated and be a bit more influential in my field. I suppose this, again, is my ego talking. But I still think that making art – making good art – should never be commodity driven. I should never be in the position to sell myself. Sadly, for me, and for many other artists, we are. This is the ego in survival mode.

Published by valsivilli

I Paint - I do other things, too, but mostly I paint and I tell stories and then sometimes I write music. But really, mostly I paint.

2 thoughts on “Representation

  1. I’ve never been good at selling my work. I get itchy when someone asks for my “artist’s statement,” or some sort of bio. I’m happy to answer questions, but I’m not good at making the statement. I would love a patron, or a sugar mama, or someone to pay my rent in exchange for a piece of whatever I produce. Take all the selling and ego out of the process.


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