Camouflaged Intention. 

They are murdering Canadian Geese. It happens every fall. Every October. With their tiny little brains beneath their Cabela’s camouflage hats that say “Make America Great Again” they hide like cowards in a camouflage boat under a camouflage tarp and aim their rifles at unsuspecting geese as the sun struggles to make it through the fog and the clouds and the damn election. 


I wake up to the sound of carnage in my own backyard and I know that Barry is downstairs seething with the kind of resentment that he possesses when an animal is being abused for no particular reason other than to simple abuse that animal. 

They are way too close to the house. The house is way too close to the river. And the rifle sounds like the beginnings of a battle in a long standing war the never seems to end. 

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Val Sivilli
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