August 9-16 “Can you hear me now?”

This is the first complete week of “An American SideShow Spectacular” 57-58.  News Broadcasts are typed over the drawings. They are from the week August 9, my 57th birthday, to August 16. Having completed one week, my process is becoming a bit clearer.

It seems I will probably need to be a week or so ahead on the drawings, create a group as time allows, and then each day, in the morning preferably, listen to the streaming broadcast of that days morning news.. mostly on CBS, because CBS is the news station that I am subscribed to.

(“The Good Wife” was my favorite TV show there for a while, so, yeah, well… )


In these pieces, each single drawing contains the broadcast for a single day. On each Tuesday, I will then respond to the week, in RED INK – or another color other than the typed news diatribe dictation. That response I hope will help me to create forms, or structures that bounce back at the subject matter in the piece. In this piece, I took dictation from a TV commercial as it streamed with Paul, the Verizon Guy, who is now the Paul, The Sprint Guy.  The tag line “Can YOU HEAR ME NOW?” is repeated throughout each piece to create a counter composition as well as a mantra to anchor the week in a resonating and repetitive rhythm.

August_9-16_%22Can you hear me now?%22 CHAIR 1-4

August_9-16_”Can you hear me now?” CHAIR 1-4

Onward to week 2!

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