57 – 58 : An American SideShow Spectacular

On Tuesday, August 9, 2016, I turn 57.

I will begin a year long project on that morning.

I will draw everyday with a Pentel RSVP or Pilot  Precise V7 RT.

I will choose a single object or group of objects or scene to draw each week.

I will sketch each subject from 7 different viewpoints.

I will type dictation of that day’s News Events as it streams into my life directly onto the drawing of that day with my Smith Corona Electra.

Creating 52 groups of 7 drawings of the same subject from 7 different viewpoints.

As the project develops, each individual group of drawings will find it’s method of presentation:

  • accordion books
  • framed drawings
  • mounted onto boards
  •  in a portfolio

This project will run concurrently with my painting practice as time allows.

This project has developed out of a year long love affair with journaling with limited materials: an 8×10″ Strathmore sketchbook and RSVP Pentel and Pilot Precise V7rt refillable pens.

These drawings are from life. I choose to draw only what is easily accessible to me at that very moment in time. This particular project: 57-58, is an intentional outgrowth of the past year’s work. It will not veer far from the its organic development.

I will post the complete week of drawings every Tuesday for the year: August 9, 2016 to – August 8, 2017.

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