American Sideshow Spectacular

An American Sideshow Spectacular:

A few new works… in the works… a little tease…..


Artist statement:  

Val Sivilli

These pieces begin with a Pentel RSVP pen sketch from my personal daily drawing journal.  They are sketched from life. They are the visual observations of the details of my home. I draw while I am resting, hanging out on the couch, sitting at the kitchen table, watching Netflix with my man or relaxing on the la – z – boy. 

 Using a 1965 Smith Corona electric typewriter that I bought  for $5 at Greg Stone’s (Stoney, to you and me) garage sale on 6th St. in Frenchtown, NJ, I type the audio from a chosen newscast as dictation over the actual drawing. I type from the beginning to the end of the broadcast. For the most part the typos are left intact.  Although I type quickly,  I physically and mentally just cannot keep up with the pace of the delivery of the information as it is relentlessly delivered from the broadcast.   

These particular pieces are triptychs in book form although they are also hangable as wall pieces. They can stand freely as a sculptural piece.  They are mounted onto underlayment imported from China and purchased at The Home Depot. Yes, the guy in the orange apron,  he cut them for me. The hinging device is created with Gorilla Brand Mending Tape, also from The Home Depot. There is an online source telling me that it is actually acid free… not sure if that matters, but there it is. 

Most of the time, an advertisment streams at the beginning of a video and as well at the end of the video.  The resulting design of the overarching graphic of the book responds to the information in the dictation, both the news and the ads, and usually some hybrid form of both.

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