wildness, in pieces, like a puzzle, kind of… OR Aretha and the Pope.

This wildness, this beast. These organized methods by which we investigate its secrets. They are like parts, pieces, kinda randomly referred to whenever it seems appropriate to refer to these parts. We look at this wildness. Then we create order. Order form the wildness. Order ABOUT the wildness. Just this idea of language trying to explain it. Corrupting it. Purifying it. Which one could it be – corrupting it or purifying it ?   The answer is probably not really the point. Although, then what could possibly be the point?

I listened to Aretha Franklin sing … what ever did she sing, anyway? in front of the Pope. We were not so comfortable. Not so comfortable because she is the Queen. He is the King. Was she being incomprehensible and totally intolerable deliberately? Why would she do that? Why not simply just NOT perform in front of the Pope? Was not feeling so great about the Catholic Church and the Pope? Her last interview didn’t seem to reveal any secret motives. Maybe she was trying something very conceptual?  It seemed conceptual. It certainly was not easy to listen to. Like conceptual music. Although I think she was in High Emotional Mode.  Maybe I am looking way too far into this, but I kinda wish she would have gone over to the Pope and and bowed.. or something.  Although she is the Queen.

It seems as if I really care about Aretha’s feelings about the Pope. I really don’t. I’m just confused. Just wondering how things fit together. All the parts and pieces that are seemingly disconnected. Together. At the same time.

When there is a small piece of something presented, it becomes a form, it becomes a symbol. It reveals something deeper, not something sitting at the surface. It evokes, it does not necessarily define. It might create more questions. More questions to be uncomfortable with.

Pieces of a Dream
Pieces of a Dream

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