On second thought….

A sweet time was had by me and I hope by at least a few others at the artist reception that the SFA gallery hosted this past saturday evening for my painting show “Unpacking the Wild Beast.”

I was corralled by a crazy italian man from long island, complimented by the most amazing and productive 92 year old painter, offered to shoot some footage by a famous documentary filmmaker, kissed and hugged by the loveliest people in my life.

Over the course of the evening, many people asked me the same question.. in almost the same words… “Why the Boar?”

And I thought a few seconds, and remembered why.

About 2 years ago, I decided that I needed to get serious again about my work,  I know I needed to but did not have a clue as to what my subject matter would be.  In the past, I had painted lots of abstract birdlike things, fishlike things, totems, I explored the bodyprinting and direct printing thing for the longest time and then, explored the phoenix thing and found myself writing a lot. Integrating text into paintings, drawings  – into all kinds of places. I kept beginning again in fits and starts.

To dive in again,  meant that I wanted to be relevant. I wanted to create work that was honest and resonant with regards to how my life rolls but was with the times – about how the times are with me as well. Whenever I sat down to work, the more I realized that my life was just simply boring.  I don’t belong to any groups that are trying to change the world because I am not so sure I can.  Nothing I do can possibly change the world.  Just living this life has been enough to keep on top of. As much as I would like to be impactive, really, I thought I might not be.  The fact that I might be a “bore”, made me realize that I also harbor, inside of this being, the fighting, loving, survivalist, animal, beastlike, mothering spirit of a “boar”.

The integration of text and image excites me to no end.

The irony of the written word combined with the mystery of the spoken word.   It seemed to resonate, so I ran with it.  And I am still running with it.

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