“I am the Beast” just the text

  1. I am the Wildest Boar.
  2. Or could it be that I am the wildest bore?
  3. I’m not sure sometimes but it probably doesn’t matter, at least not to me. It is not necessary to get philosophical about it or to even define the possibility of my existence.
  4. I am aware that I am inside of here, so then, if all things real and unreal are defined as they should be, I exist. I am here. And that is, as they say, that.
  5. I tend to sleep a lot. I snore.
  6. Snippets of the outside world occasionally seep their way into the fluids surrounding my body.
  7. The sounds that make their way through tend to be  muffled and mysterious.
  8. If I listen very, very carefully, I can make out a word or two. And if I am lucky, I can string together a few words and they might mean something.
  9. Over time, some of the sounds are getting familiar. They tend to create a comprehensive concept, even if each single syllable is not decipherable.
  10. That, my friend, is a good day!
  11. At times, there is bone. A hard, sudden jolt the makes us both cry out in pain.
  12. Then, everything changes.
  13. Conversations occur. If the syllables of the words have clarity, then I can be certain that they are from inside the body I inhabit.
  14. I’m thinking it must be what we know as “ internal dialogue.”
  15. When a creature gets bored it gets naughty. For fun, I add a word or two here or there to that dialogue.
  16. Granted these might not really be my true opinions,  just a little game to keep myself entertained.
  17. For some reason, those randomly placed words seem to pack a real punch.
  18. Everything changes AGAIN!  But in a different way. The atmosphere becomes muddy, unclear and uncertain.
  19. I can feel the patterns of the universe shift around me.
  20. I don’t  really  know why I keep doing it, but I think that if I had a little more wiggle room in this container, I would probably tend towards causing less trouble in my own neighborhood.
  21.  Silly me.

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