What a Painter Does When the Studio is getting Packed up.

This residency has less than a week left. The oil paint really needs to dry. The paintings need to be rolled onto sonotubes in less than a week. So I really need to stop painting. So I took some photos of reflections from my windows. I walked around my little casita, started with the front doors, then the kitchen window, the bathroom, bedroom & living room windows – which is really the same room, but there are 2 windows, and it has 2 functions, so wtf – then finally the studio windows. I guess these are mostly for my own memories, but its also a great way to exercize the eye, find surprising compositions, seriously uncommon combinations of subject matter, texture, light.. EVERYTHING. Here are a few samples – but visit http://atomic-temporary-37820955.wpcomstaging.com/reflections-at-the-end-of-the-road-april-15th-2015/  to see the full slide show.


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