Opening and closing the doors and windows a bit slower.

Part of being in another place is listening to the local public radio. Pure joy really. Except when you find yourself listening to Ravel’s Bolero.

I just couldn’t help felling really sorry for the drum section. So repetitive. A bit of torture. But it’s the only station that comes in clearly, so I’ve been committed to it in the same way I’ve been committed to WHYY in New Jersey.

By the end of the piece, I felt a bit of a lift and it was very subtle and kinda peaceful. Since staying with the station is a bit of a commitment the benefit from paying attention to something I would usually not, was a great thing.

The pianist who was the guest on the program, Jade Simmons, stated that one of her professors told her that in playing and writing her music, she opened doors too quickly and closed windows too fast. Meaning that she was not enjoying the process. She was not entirely IN the playing, the making. Allowing the piece to resonate. What she loved about Bolero, was that the piece allowed itself to unravel slowly and methodically… Totally immersed in itself.

True words of wisdom.

She plays some beautiful pieces.. Worth a listen. Here’s the link.

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