Searching for a host.


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  1. Val– I totally agree with you on the absolute necessity of music for life & art. (It is the indispensable catalyst of my creative process.) I really admire your guts in getting up in front of people– letting them SEE you & HEAR you, as you ARE & not waiting until you are better & more polished. Life is unfolding & this is no dress rehearsal. Embracing our true selves & our perennial lack of perfection, even as we strive, is the gateway to great things. (Now I just need to put my money where my mouth is. You are an inspiration. My effort will not be perfect…)
    Hope that sleep will come more easily to you as the full moon wanes.
    Best — Leslie

    • Maybe I’ve simply lost my pride! Could be a blessing. I would love to hear about you efforts out there on stage sometime, Leslie. Thanks for the well wishes as far as sleep. Last night was a bit more restful! I think that moon might just be giving me a little loving kindness.

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