Chapter 3 ?

So these feelings that pop up, they just seem to come from nowhere. Although that could not be possible. Can’t come from nowhere. Gotta come from somewhere.

I’m wondering if my friend, my animal, my inner beast, my boar/bore, boor…. Bohar…. Has friends or family that live in other people, other humans. I’m mean, it could happen. Weirder things have happened in this world. Maybe.

He has relatives that live in other folks, I’m sure of it .

I wonder how they communicate. Animals have this thing, this invisible telepathic connection thing.. The thing that deepak choprah calls CROW MIND. Like they can communicate through their minds, through their DNA.

So sometimes if one of their beasty (beauty) relatives has a hissy fit, I , in turn, have the distinct and utter honor of having my mood shifted.


This could be a real problem for me.

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  1. Lots of wishes to you, Val! I think it’s wonderful that you’re searching to express the inner you….and I know you’ll find it. Looking forward to hearing about your experience.

    Judy Caldwell

    • I’m a little nervous about actually finding that inner self … Might have to tame that beast … I’ll be in touch about that.

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