to LOVE or to THRIVE …..

…that is my question.

Sometimes the two are in sync, and sometimes the are diametrically opposed.

Tossing this idea about is by no means a decision on which way to act. I’m simply tossing this idea about. The larger problems of this world are not within my power to fix.  Although I just cannot help think about this today.

In the days of old before modern medicine, when a baby was born premature, sickly and too small to survive, it was either killed, left out for animals to eat or would eventually die on its own. It was a rare baby that would survive being born premature.

So so sad… So so sad. Sad beyond any words can describe.

It is the common thought in our society today that the act of sacrifice is barbaric. We now have the ability to help premature babies survive and we very often do just that. Many times, the child thrives, yet often the child does not thrive. Many times the baby lives without thriving.  And how many lives that would otherwise thrive would now be compromised because of the amount of resources given to keep life in this child’s body? Including that child living an extremely difficult life.

My question today to myself, which one of these is more barbaric. Which one of these is more about love? I don’t really mean love in the “I love this baby” complexity of it, but love for the greater picture of survival… Of truly thriving, not simply surviving.

Protecting the small and the meek is something strong people and strong societies should do. We are human beings.  How much are we compromising the strength of each of our beings and the health of the planet ?

Fracking, strip-mining, gas-lines/pipelines… Landowners struggling in many corners of the world willingly give their land over to oil and gas companies because the cost of living is just too high. They need to support their families. This is one of the arguments. One of the largest cost in all of our lives is the price of health care and one of the largest costs in health care is premature baby care and elder care.

So my question today is what is Love? Love can be selfish. Sometimes it can be blind. But can blind love help our society thrive?

Sorrow is as as well an important piece of being human. Sometimes the decisions we might need to make as a society are all about Love. It is really hard to be staring down the bigger pictures of this world without sounding heartless.

The larger problems of this world are not within my power to fix.

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