Adjuncts UNITE & Quit ?

I am an adjunct Professor of Art. I have been an adjunct for over 20 years. I love teaching. Its an incredible joy and as well as it keeps me in touch with the mind of the young artist. It also keeps me in touch with the network of other artists, shows, etc. Without it I would be more isolated from the art world. In the absence of a fulltime teaching option, I feel I need to keep adjuncting. Although, in recent years, I have been getting truly weary of the struggle to continue teaching through this venue. No job security, few benefits if any, flooded email accounts, on & on….

I am wondering what would happen to these universities and colleges if ALL of the adjuncts simply stopped teaching. Just stopped. Even for one semester. Or one year.

It’s kind of an interesting thought. These institutions might actually have adjust their course offerings to support only fulltime positions. Adjust their entire business model to act ethically and responsibly to their teachers.

What a thought!

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Val Sivilli
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