Day 10 Fear….disguised…

….Disguised as really lame excuses not to explore anything new… Or not get anything done…. Or blame the other…

I had a student today tell me that after taking the Art Department bus to Chelsea, that he just freaked out about being in New York and didn’t know where to go, what galleries to go to,and what to look for as far as art. He was starving! Found food. Then he went home. And I said you got back on the bus to the college? And he said, no I took the train home. So really, he was totally able to function in the city as long as he could blame the city and get the fuck outta there. He was able to figure out how to find food, where the train was, what time it ran, how to pay for it and get on it and get home. But he couldn’t find a gallery? What? Fear. Fear of Art!!! Fear of what?

On a lighter note…

I had another student today give a beautiful heartfelt insightful report on Magritte’s “The Lovers”. Although her pronunciation of artists names was so funny that it is inspiring some cartoon characters:

Simon a. Froyd. …. Frightened little guy
Mar Sell Dew Champ … Holding a urinal at all times
Dee Cherko
Carl Jung (oh right, the same! with a hard J)

Drawing Basics…. Funny class… So sweet….

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