Day 9 No Fear

Within these endless thoughts and reminisces of my mother and her sisters, I wonder why my mom is so alone. Why my father is so alone.

I think everything comes done to fear.

Anger comes down to fear.

Hate comes down to fear.

Suspicion comes down to fear.

So as I showered this morning I stared into the light in the bathroom and I felt “no Fear” for death. Because I’m thinking if we do not fear death in any way, we fear nothing. Then anything is possible, any change, any conversation, any achievement or non for that matter, and any love.

But what is that damn word? And is there a word in English?

I am on a quest today for a word in English that represents fearlessness, without the invocation of fear, or the implication of bravery or courage.. But rather simply.. “Without Fear”

[uh-freyd] Spell Syllables
Synonyms Examples Word Origin
feeling fear; filled with apprehension:
afraid to go.
feeling regret, unhappiness, or the like:
I’m afraid we can’t go on Monday.
feeling reluctance, unwillingness, distaste, or the like:
He seemed afraid to show his own children a little kindness.
Origin Expand
variant spelling of affrayed, past participle of affray to disturb, frighten
Related forms Expand
half-afraid, adjective
unafraid, adjective

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