Day 7 – Off Spring

Jimi Hendrix fully embraced his own talent, He seemingly did not care to give in to anything that interfered with his music, his art. Seemingly did not allow the external perception of him interfere with his internal perception of him.


He had many women, without commitment.


Although possibly he did not live long enough to fully discover the places in side of himself that were stunted, strangled. Those places that don’t ever seem to unravel. Places that are calcified, seemingly unmoveable.


Today, I am going to embrace the Jimi Hendrix inside of me. Try to rise above that little annoying voice that questions everything and anything before it is even allowed fully form. Disengage from my mother’s fears, my mothers guilt, my mothers judgement. As a mother, Im not really sure how any mother can place so much negative shit on their offspring.


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