Day 4

Because of the Cinderella thing, I listened to the original Cinderella story, which never called Cinderella, Cinderella.. But rather “girl-go-with-the-goats” and then whenever her situation changes, her name changes so she really doesn’t have a name. Unfortunate. Although this story, from the 1920’s, is beautiful. Not like Disney’s Cinderella at all.. Oh surprise, surprise. “Girl who sat by the Cinders” tells the tale of a girl who is powerfully connected with the spirit and natural world. And who really seems to care less about the kings son, only if he finally gives her the respect she deserves because she has so graciously accepted her place on the earth. Loved it so much. I listened to it on it is written by Padraic Colum.
It deserves a manga version. Although it’s illustrated by dugald Stewart walker… Very Beardsley…


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