Day 3 .5

I made a decision on moving forward with 3 paintings that are beginning with the wedding ring. Ripley finally texts me back and she thinks she has ebola, but I’m thinking she doesn’t have ebola just stayed up way too late and partied all weekend because her friends visited from home this past weekend. She sends a photo:

My Mother's Wedding ring on Ripley's Middle Finger.

My Mother’s Wedding ring on Ripley’s Middle Finger.

So I’m drawing it and realize that there are little triangles all over it, in sweet little patterns, that remind me of Disney’s Cinderella played by Leslie Ann Warren and that actor that played Alan Quartermaine on General Hospital. It reminds me of the royal fur collar with the black triangles.



And when I search for the image that I just posted, I see all the pictures of Lesley Anne Warren as CINDERELLA before she hooked up with her Fairy God Mother.


Right.  Those Barbaro Sisters. They were dirt poor. There were 16 of them living in a flat on Monitor Street in Greenpoint Brooklyn starting in the 1930’s. Really poor family right from Italy. Cinderella. I think so. Except my father bought the wedding ring for her. I don’t think she picked it out. We are all complicit.

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