Day 2

Is it really necessary to unload your bullshit on people constantly? Not thinking this a great way to spend a day. Living out side the cit,y, trekking into the city to see a show in an inspiring place, a cathedral… With Phoenix’s by xu bing…beautiful I might add.. Inspiring works, works that I can probably lay only dream of aspiring to crate. Works that are what I think that art work should really be int this world. So happy and  intrigued that the Phoenix is the subject, the transformation the change. But the company. Jeez, the company. Trying to muddle through the repetitiveness of the conversation, the misery of my company. Sometimes it’s just better to have no camp ya, or to have the co may of folks that you know don’t really dump in you, don’t take all their misery out on you every fucking time you are together. Just lighten up. Be in the moment. Love the moment. The moment , it’s all about now, the now, the now. It’s all about the time that we are having right now.

It could have been a beautiful day.

Impossible to really see the phoenixes …. totally absorbed by the light of the church and the overwhelming stuckness of the company.


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