Day 1.

There are millions of things in the world that make me want to make art. There are millions of things in the world that make me NEVER want to make art again. But, my place in this world, is as an artist. I need to make art.   Sometimes frustratingly fraught with the challenge of  irrelevancy, which takes its toll each and everyday, I still have to make art.  Frustrated by the fact that, “REALLY, DO WE NEED ANY MORE SHIT IN THIS WORLD?” I still need to make art. Whenever I’ve not made art, I kinda shrivel up and become someone I don’t recognize. So, here I am in this world, being an artist and that is that.

I decided to start writing this blog to begin organizing my thoughts. So this is my first entry. Just to begin. Because I gotta start somewhere. And so I started.

So there.

I stretched a bunch of really big canvases today. Big ones . REALLY BIG ONES!  Got big Plans.

Tomorrow Im going to NYC with some old friends to see Xu Bing at The Cathedral of St, John the Divine and I’m hoping to fit in the the Egon Schiele show at the NEUE Gallery.

Camaraderie and Art.. the best things in the world.


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