Dad's mind finding the way out.
Dad found the way out.

Dad was watching wheel of fortune. Mom was puttering around the kitchen. I was working on some graphics at the dining room table.

Dad says I figured it out. I figured out the puzzle, the formula. So thinking that he figured out the puzzle on wheel of fortune, I said the was very nice, dad. But it became apparent that it was not wheel of fortune but some such code or solution to a dilemma that he had been working on for days and days, weeks and weeks. I sat down next to him with a blue lined legal pad, that they must have gotten really cheap at the dollar store, and he wrote this.


And he said these things:

I know this is the way out… (He made a line across the page from the closing parenthesis to the outside margin of the page) I will never get here, get out without this. This is the way out. The b stand for bang bang, like a gunshot… I know you don’t want to hear that, but it is the only thing I can figure out. The only way out. I know this is complicated and you probably don’t really understand, but maybe you can draw something on the bottom of the page to see if we can explain it better together.

I could not.

I did not understand what he was talking about. I guessed that it had something to do with creating order and answers… But I had not clue as to how to talk about it, what questions to ask, or how to communicate with him and what was going on inside his head.

The next morning, he sat down next to me at the kitchen table and told me that he know that what he was trying to tell me last night was not easy to understand because it was very hard to figure it out. But he hoped that I could.

So i am going to try to understand.

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